Plastic Jerrycan Caps

What is Plastic Can Lids? Plastic Jerrycan Lids are generally used in the packaging of burning and flammable materials. Safety Locked Canister Lids are the lid model that is opened by applying some pressure to the lid. Tear-Off Canister Lids are the type of lids used by tearing the strip at the bottom of the cover. Plastic Jerrycan Lids Liter Plastic Jerry Can 5 liter, 10 liter and 20 liter varies according to their packaging. You can order online from, as we are the Manufacturer of Plastic Jerry Can Lids for the packaging you want. Plastic Jerry Can Cover Models Plastic Jerrycan Lids are produced in the form of screw according to the beaker mouth types. It is frequently used in detergent and cleaning industry. Bottles Used in Plastic Canister Production Bidon Plastic caps are produced in accordance with the Bidon mouth dimensions, especially Polyethylene Jerrycan.
Plastic Jerrycan Caps
  • Plastic Jerrycan Caps
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