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Our company began taking place in Plastic Industy as Ozugur Plastic Inc. In 1987 at a 800m2 closed plant producing polyethylene , PVC bottles&jars. Chaning its share structre and reinvested in 2001 , by using its knowledge and experience it continued producing plasting jars with high tech equiped injection and blowing machines at a 4000m2 closed plant as OZPET PLASTIC INC. OZPET’s buisness basis is to be a trade mark and a leading company in producing wide mouth jars in our country and region.Since its establisment day , OZPET has growth&sales targets annualy and accomplishes these targets. In producing safe food packing ,with the population growth and expanding market , OZPET will continue growing , with 4 brunches and 160 stuff concious about its position in an increasing population , market and food chain by turning its profit to investments. In annually investments , production capacity is increased and started producing narrow mouth bottles along with the PET jars.Our company proving open to deveplopment by its increasing capacity and high tech machines has increased its turnover avarage %52 annually in the last decade. Having ISO 22000:2005 certificate, OZPET is cooperating with many leading Oil , Olive and Pickle companies in Turkey and region.Having R&D and industrial desing team , OZPET serving to markets with the principles of quality , best price and delivery time.
Started to work in 1997, DENIZ PLASTIK CO. LTD. has taken its place today in the plastics industry thanks to the steps it has taken since its establishment and the conscious leaps it has made. We are producing various kinds of PE bags ( located at Adana City in Turkey), you can check our factory and products. We are able to produce plastic bags with different colours, dimensions, tightness and qualities. HDPE and LDPE. We can meet your special demands about all kinds of PE plastic bags, garbage bags, t-shirt bags. We have our own recyling facilities that producing the PE granules by ourselves, so the material is smooth and pure, samples are available to see our quality. We are already exporting to several countries and would like to offer our products to worldwide. So that we are looking for new esteemed partners to cooperate.
Our firm which has been operating in 2007, has been proud of providing service to your valuable companies with years of experience and strong infrastructure. Experienced and professional staff is signing new success every day with its management. The clarity of quality, hygiene and innovation, which are the steps of this solid foundation, is still continuing today. KAYAS PACKAGING which uses friendly raw materials with nature reveals its speciality with its specialized team in design. KAYAS Product Development & R & D team; They create original and aesthetic models with their designer team interacting with the customer.
Founded in 1999, our company first started to operate in plastic packaging sector. In 2009, our company, which keeps close to the requirements of the customers in the direction of customer expectancie
At the beginning of 2010, our company started production of IML in 1000 m2 area in Istanbul. Our company moved to the factory in Cerkezkoy with a closed area of 10.000 m2 in the 3rd quarter of 2011. O
As Pakfor we manufacture and supply yoghurt bucket, cheese case, cream case, candy case, halva case, chocolate case, candy floss case, sugar case, condensed yoghurt bucket, jam bucket, detergen bucket, ice cream case, cream cheese case, ayran glass, ayran lid, yoghurt pacaging, cheese packaging, cream packaging, chocolate packaging, condensed yoghurt packaging, jam packaging, yoghurt case, yoghurt bowl, iml label, sticker label, in mould label, polypropylene, pp, polyethylene, pe, ps., case, pot, bowl, bucket, lid, plastic, offset, injection, glass, fork, knife, spoon, oval, round, square, rectangle, shaped, milimeter, ml, cc, kg, kilogram, gram, gr, different, new technology, high technology, milk, juice, thermoform, middle east, europe, asia, america, australia, volume, know how, data sheet, msds... From the date of foundation company has proven that marketing system which is only sales centered would not be a correct system and together with pan yoghurt project which had create reactions in Europe and in Turkey in 2000s he has revealed customer focused design understanding as result of Research and Development Works and prove that his opinions are right by means of golden package awards. Had organized good idea packaging contest for not being and audience and for directing the growing, changing and developing sector, and instilled life to projects and hope to young people by leading those projects and young people. By the trust which was ensured from experience from past he serves completely his customers by new and more proper projects.
We manufacture and supply plastic packing, plastic packaging, plastic can, bottle, plastic bottle, bottle cap, plastic cap, cap, plastic bottle cap, bottle top...
Der plastic; It operates in the plastic packaging industry. Although our company is a young company with a dynamic team that entrepreneurial spirit and have a short time in serving various industries by expanding its product range, using high-tech, engaged in design work, is a company that can produce and export goods of international standard. With its high-tech machinery, professional and entrepreneurial class service with meticulous craftsmanship and quality of staff that have adopted the principle of our company continues to work with a vision that aims to become a world-renowned company.
Our company was established in Istanbul to manufacture plastic injection moulds in 1975. In 1980, it started to manufacture cosmetics packaging with plastic injection machines. Our company has had a voice in the sector thanks to the moulds which are manufactured with the maximum precision and minimum defect principle. We offer quick solutions to our customers about the moulds which are necessary for the quality packaging by manufacturing them with latest technology machines in our factory. We meet the expectations in the best way with our more than 30 years experience. The new designs are continuously added to our product range which has different packaging types from classic to modern by our R&D department. Our company has proved that it manufactures according to international quality standards with ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certificate. Our company, which is an important supplier of the cosmetics sector in the domestic market, also exports cosmetics packaging to other countries. Our objective is to present our company in the international area and work to become a global brand by improving our present quality.